Customized Bearing Solutions

Swiss quality for customized bearing solutions


We are present in many industrial sectors

Our expertise in designing and manufacturing customized bearing solutions makes JESA a top partner for your industrial applications. We have extensive experience in developing and implementing units that combine bearing technologies with those of technical polymers.

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Ambitious goals require customized solutions

Our team of specialists is ready for new challenges!

If your application requires specific requirements, we are here to assist you. Our comprehensive expertise in bearings, polymers, and injection molding techniques makes JESA a top-notch partner.

Explore our range of implementations in our dedicated library.


  • Electric mobility

     The transition to electric mobility is underway, for a healthier and more sustainable way of life. Numerous innovations are making their energy contribution, considerably reducing the environmental impact of different means of transport. At the heart of this revolution are numerous components such as bearings.For more than half a century, JESA SA has been designing …

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